Old lady joints

So, I’ve racked up a very reasonable 42 miles this week and there are bits of my body that are starting to say ‘hey, what’s all this about?’.

I’m currently sitting on my sofa assessing the things that are beginning to niggle/ache/not feel 100% and there is more than one. I have a long term shoulder injury which if I’m not regularly going to the gym aches all the time; day and night. It’s very frustrating and although I didn’t think it would be an issue for walking, I can confirm that it is. Luckily I restarted my weekly gym (weights) session this week and so I am hoping that in a few weeks my shoulder will start to feel the benefit and stop being such an annoyance. I noticed a couple of small blisters this week after my long walk on Friday but they aren’t sore and don’t seem to be causing any discomfort yet so hopefully they’ll bugger off quickly. P.S. the vaseline is going well; I’ve remembered EVERY day so far!!!

I’ve had the odd niggle in my knees and hips too, but nothing I’m really concerned about; just a sign of increased usage I think and nothing I wasn’t prepared for. I’m hoping that in a week or two my joints will get used to being used so much and they’ll toughen up! Aside from feeling a bit delicate physically, mentally I’m on top of the world. Walking honestly does absolute wonders for your mental health; I haven’t any specific mental health issues as such but boy do I feel amazing from just walking more. I feel more capable of positivity for a start, it’s just easier to be happy and cope with problems. Also I think I’m sleeping better as I’m physically tired which I’m sure in turn is more restorative. In short I would urge anyone struggling emotionally, to get out and just walk, enjoy lungfuls of fresh air and the nature all around us; you won’t believe how much better you’ll feel from such a simple pursuit. Do it!

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