Held together with tape

Hypermobility sucks. For anyone that doesn’t know what it is, it’s essentially pronounced flexibility caused by lax ligaments. My ligaments are a bit ‘looser’ than the average person and this means that all my joints are less stable and I’m more prone to injury. My muscles have to work harder to keep my joints from moving more than they ought to and dislocation is common. Luckily for me, I’m not too bad on the hypermobility scale and it has thankfully never knowingly happened to me although there are times where my fingers, thumbs and hips feel sort of like they’ve ‘popped’ in and out which is pretty unpleasant and is possibly where they’ve moved beyond the range of motion they’re meant to!

After a little trip to the Osteopath this morning I’m all taped up and with a new physio programme to boot. The very knowledgeable Dan at Body Dynamics Health gave me lots of exercises and advice to take away, as well as taping up my ankles and knees in order to give my joints a bit of help over the weekend. I’m not very good at doing my homework if I’m honest, unless I’m constantly reminded. But luckily I’ve just discovered that the app he provided me with sends me reminders and I’m one of those people who like to tick boxes and do not have any numbers against any of my apps on my phone so it should definitely help!

The weather has been glorious today and I’m already looking forward to my weekend walks. I’ve got a long one planned tomorrow although I’ve not actually thought about where to go yet and then I’m heading to the local hills on Sunday with Jas (who is doing the challenge with me) and my lovely friends Izzy and Karen. Bring it on! (Hopefully my legs will stay attached)

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