R&R week

Last week was a chance to have a bit of a rest which turned out to be just what I needed. Early on in the week I made the grave mistake of wearing my new boots to walk to work and half way there I had a blister. OUCH. I then decided that I couldn’t possibly do the walk in June, I’d never be able to find footwear that were comfortable by then, that’s it, cancelled! It was quite an overwhelming feeling of despair and a total overreaction I know but things suddenly felt very hard and out of reach. Luckily I had my mechanical analysis with the lovely Emma from Supafoot Cheltenham on the Friday (a week ago today) and by the time I met with her I’d rested and my blister was beginning to heal and sme positivity had returned.

Emma was fantastic! She really knew her stuff and gave me loads of tips, advice, more physio and footwear suggestions. As I’d suspected a change of footwear overnight was recommended (and what I’d had in mind) but it does mean getting myself yet another pair of shoes and wearing them in. She thought my boots were a good fit (on paper), showed me how to lace them up properly (I’m 35, you’d think I would know how to do this for myself by now) and to persevere a little with them to see if I could make them work. If I still keep getting blisters in a few weeks I’ll have to throw in the towel and act fast getting another pair but if everyone can keep their fingers crossed I’d be most grateful. I’m hoping to get my trail shoes (my day pair) this weekend as I need to get them walked in but ideally I need to have walked a long way first so that my feet are in their sweaty swollen state (luckily shop staff). Emma condemned my old walking boots (but I’ve not yet thrown them away – I just can’t!!!) along with one pair of trainers and my converse. As a result of my visit I’ve bought myself some magic blister prevention pads as well as some compeed plasters and the aim is to prevent the blister in the first place so we shall see how this weekend goes!

As well as my podiatry appointment I also visited Susie again for some more InterX treatment for my niggles and tight muscles. I did a lot of swearing during the treatment but left feeling looser and much more comfortable so it was definitely worth it. I’m trying to keep on top of every ache and pain before it turns into anything major and so far so good especially as from now things start getting harder. Tomorrow I’m doing a long walk (possibly longest so far as long as I don’t run out of time!) with my lovely friend Izzy who is joining me for a section, followed by another on Sunday and that’s pretty much the pattern my weekends will take from hereon in. I’m trying to bear in mind that this is temporary and normal (?!) life can resume in July but fitting everything in is going to be a struggle. As well as walking (ideally 3 training walks a week plus usual commuting, school runs and dog walks!) I’m increasing to 2 gym sessions a week where possible alongside being a mum and wife. The trick is to take one week at a time and to allow priorities to shift on a temporary (sometime even weekly) basis. Izzy and I are going to do the section of the Cotswold way that I wont get to do during the Challenge (The whole route is 100 miles) and we’ll do it as part of my training a bit at a time starting at Chipping Camden. I’m looking forward to it!

Wish me luck for the weekend; I’ll update instagram to keep you posted with the ups and downs! Fingers crossed the rest has done me good and the boots aren’t too painful…

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