Today was my first ‘official’ training walk; as in one I had actually planned on doing, and one that didn’t involve stopping for a chat. Or a cuppa. Or a massage. It was an easy (ish) 6 miles with the toughest section being the scramble up a bridle way from Prestbury to reach the top of Cleeve Hill. The usual thoughts of ‘I’m tired already how am I going to manage 100 km’ came pretty early on but once I’d reached the top I was buzzing and excited (exaggeration?) to just keep walking. We didn’t meet a soul on the majority of our walk so I enjoyed a sing song (provided by a playlist my sister had made of childhood music we listened to; Peter Gabriel, Crash Test Dummies, Queen, Yes and so on). And I appreciated the views and dramatic sky. Oh and tried not to think of all the crime programmes I watch where there’s always a body in the woods.

I remembered my bag this time AND wore a more appropriate amount of clothing so although I’d stripped down to a t-shirt at the top of the hill, I had something to carry everything in! I explored a new footpath or two; one of which had been diverted and, with my basic navigational experience, didn’t manage to find the diversion and had to fight my way through a small wood and clamber over a wall to reach the lane again.

At the top of the common I was saddened to find a lot of rubbish and am considering taking bags (and extra people) up there at some point to try to clean it up a bit (anyone game?). Every time I walk, I curse myself for not bringing a bag to collect rubbish, I may try to start as every little would help I guess and you never know I may inspire others. I can’t really believe people still just dump their litter, it’s mind blowing!

My back is on the mend although not 100% yet but I’ve no major walks planned this weekend so it’ll get a bit of rest. I did have a couple of niggles in my right leg today for a bit. I tackled that by lunging along for a while (looking like a serious weirdo) and stopping to complete a bit of stretching; which seemed to ease it and by the time I was down the hill it was feeling normal; Something to watch but I know a bit of weight training will probably help me out!

Once home a large cup of tea and a large piece of gingerbread was on the menu followed by some sitting down and a hot bath, any excuse!

One thought on “Exploring

  1. +1 for taking a bag with you!
    We always do it now, sometimes you have a lot to pick up, sometimes a little, but once you get into the habit it’s really hard to walk past litter.
    Walking near roads are the worst…
    Keep going!

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